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What is an ELMAH log?

ELMAH stands for Error Logging Modules and Handlers and is an error-logging tool that HIFIS uses. Whenever an error occurs within HIFIS - ranging from really minor inconveniences you might not realize were errors, to catastrophic failures - a record of that error is generated and stored in something called the ELMAH log.

The ELMAH log is not intended for communities to use themselves. Instead, a copy of the log file should be shared with the HIFIS development team, in the event that an issue is discovered that requires further investigation. The HIFIS development team will ask you for a copy of your ELMAH log in those cases.

Since each log is date- and timestamped, and there are probably more logs being generated than you would think, when you are troubleshooting, it is helpful to note the exact date and time that the error occurred, which can help to identify WHICH log, or which section of the log, is the relevant portion.

Generally speaking, you can access your ELMAH logs from your web browser, by adding /elmah to the end of your domain. For example, for the site https://demo.hifis.ca, the ELMAH log is found at https://demo.hifis.ca/elmah (you need to be logged in to access it).

Here is a guide on how to access your ELMAH logs, via the HIFIS development team.