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What makes a client active or inactive?

In HIFIS, when any user takes certain actions for a client file, this updates the client's Date of Last Activity. Each community has a setting that determines an Inactivity Threshold. This is typically a number like 90 days (three months), but each community may have a different value. If the client's Date of Last Activity is at least that many days ago, the client automatically becomes inactive.

If a client who is inactive has one of the actions taken on their file, they become active once more.

In version, here is a list of actions that result in the client becoming or remaining active:

  • Booking into a shelter (so, if the client is booked in on January 1)
  • Each day a client is still in shelter (so, if today is January 10th and the client is still booked in, this would be January 10th)
  • Add a Calls and Visits Log
  • Add a Case
  • Add a case session (Case Management)
  • Add a Food Bank transaction
  • Add a Goods or Services transaction
  • Add an Express Good
  • Add an Express Service
  • Client is identified as an Attendee in a Group Activity
  • Add a Housing Placement
  • Add a Housing Placement Attempt (Housing Placement)
  • Add a Follow Up (Housing Placement)
  • Add Housing Loss Prevention interaction
  • Client is provided medication through Medication Dispensing
  • Add a Service Restriction
  • Add a Storage Item
  • Client takes a survey
  • Add any VI-SPDAT or SPDAT assessment
  • Add any VAT assessment